Direct placement

Recruiting for your success

We can provide you with specialists and managers who will convince you with their knowledge and skills. On the basis of meaningful applicant profiles we will find the suitable candidates for you.

Highly qualified personnel is not always easy to find. Therefore the eXperts consulting center will take over this task for you. The combination of our own candidate search IT solutions and our experienced consultants has proven to offer a significant advantage for your benefit:

A person that is perfectly matched to your company and your employees.

Together with you, we will work to define a meaningful candidate profile and find the eXperts that perfectly match your requirements. No matter whether this concerns commercial or technical personnel:

We can find employees who will definitely advance your company.


Tools for market screenings

The daily work of our consultants includes a comprehensive market screening, during which they will search for potential applicants using IT solutions specially developed by us, various direct search techniques and our pool of candidates.

Consultants with experience

Our consultants utilize their many years of experience to compare the applicant's skills with the respective job profiles. Familiar with your industry and your professional and personal requirements, they are able to perform comprehensive candidate checks.

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your eXperts

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